Vishal Shahi

Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Evangelist, 17+ years of technology gameplay

Vishal Shahi is a serial entrepreneur and has been a founder of several successful IT companies. Having 17+ years of hands-on experience in agile enterprise, web and mobile-commerce and platform development & delivery, he is playing technical and functional role in his companies.

Vishal is a startup mentor and has helped several budding entrepreneurs to successfully launch their own startups. He leverages his strong technical and strategic experience to create winning teams, and scale mission-driven organisations.

In the year

He founded Infact Solutions, a technology and software development company in the year 2004 with a vision of providing end-to-end web services, such as designing, development, hosting, and internet marketing - all under one roof. At the time when IT outsourcing was still in its nascent stage and everyone programmer was looking to be a part of this revolution, Vishal too decided to jump on the bandwagon, but in an all different way. He decided to start his own technology company with an ambition to challenge the traditional offshore delivery model and to create bespoke software that solves important problems for businesses.

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Adding another milestone in his portfolio, Vishal co-founded Zooom-IT in 2007, a joint venture between Infact Solutions and NZ Technologies, an Information Technology firm that quickly expanded its presence to four countries. He is leading the company as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and is responsible for design and development of software architecture.

In the year

Vishal founded NUTSITLAB LLC in 2009 as a comprehensive, all-service technology outsourcing company, where he helps businesses grow in an exponential, yet organic way. His impressive fast track management career is demonstrated the ability to build peak performing teams and achieve cross functional objectives. He is a result-driven IT professional with hands-on expertise in envisioning success, generating multi-million dollar revenue, and pursuing growth initiatives grounded firmly on business and economic value. And this is evident from the success of the companies he is managing now.

In the year

In 2014, Vishal co-founded, a specialized IT firm that allows businesses to create cost effective minimum viable products to validate a concept before scaling up. He is handling as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), taking care of everything from technology and business development to brand enhancement and sales strategy.

Vishal’s ability to seamlessly incorporate advanced technologies into business systems has helped him deliver strategic initiatives for his customers. He has successfully demonstrated his proficiency in understanding and solving complex business problems, and adopting pragmatic agile and lean thinking.​ ​ All the companies that he has founded or co-founded are purely a result of his passion for technology and commitment to today's youth with skills and opportunity. He is a firm believer that technology can innovate the future and has been consistently working towards it.

Vishal is passionate about riding bikes and own stunning Harley Davidson. He wishes to ride across the entire world. In pursuit of his this dream, he has already travelled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari - the North corner to South corner of India. He has covered approximately 26000+ Miles riding on his bike.

In fact, he is so passionate about bike riding, his new venture revolves around connecting the like-minded riders across the globe.

Wow ! one more add on to voyage of journey, overnighter at Manali, Himachal Pardesh - India, a place where you fall in love. Few Glimpse captured for our journey, a special thanks to Mr. Tarun Dhingra who is always my riding associate for this voyage along with last journey Kashmir to Kanyakumari (K2K)

Vishal is actively involved in many societal causes, especially blind and differently- abled kids - a cause that is close to his heart. He often organizes events for these special kids, like taking them out for a movie or a lunch.

He earned his graduation degree from the prestigious Punjab University, Chandigarh, and also holds Project Management certifications. Apart from the companies he owns, he has held key positions in several Information Technology companies, specialized in global delivery model.


Technology advice
Team management
Business and Product strategy
Agile and Hybrid development

Experience Highlights Chief Executive Officer - India
NUTSITLAB Chief Executive Officer
Zooom-IT Chief Technology Officer
Infact Solutions Chief Executive Officer

Business Mantra & Cares About

Care about the customer
Invest in ideas that matter
Blind and Differently-abled kids

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